About New Malir Housing Scheme 1


  • 4000 Acres approx
  • Eastern Part of Karachi, Deh Joreji Malir Karachi.


Meet the Shelter demands of Approx. 1.0 million Low & Middle Income Group peoples‚ Create economic base in the eastern periphery of Karachi as a growth pole to enhance housing & commercial development‚ and Environment friendly development.

  • Situated on Main National Highway & Link Road from National Highway to Super Highway give transport access ease.
  • Surroundings:
  • In the Heart of Bin Qasim Industrial Zone
  • Adjacent to Still Mills
  • Adjacent to Education City where all Leading University Campus and situated.
  • New Economic and Commercial hub for eastern part of Karachi.
  • In New Malir Housing Scheme-I various number of Commercial plots of different categories are planned to be disposed of through Open Public Auction.