New Malir Housing Scheme 1 Karachi – Sector 15 Map

New Malir Housing Scheme 1 Karachi meets the Shelter demands of Approx. 1.0 million Low & Middle Income Group peoples‚ Create economic base in the eastern periphery of Karachi as a growth pole to enhance housing & commercial development‚ and Environment friendly development.

New Malir Housing Scheme 1 Karachi is situated on Main National Highway & Link Road from National Highway to Super Highway give transport access ease.

New Malir Housing Scheme 1 Karachi is in the Heart of Bin Qasim Industrial Zone, Adjacent to Still Mills, Adjacent to Education City where all Leading University Campus are situated and New Economic and Commercial hub for eastern part of Karachi.

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  1. Zainul Kidwai says:

    Would like to know more about MDA. Is this existing, in progress, or future development.My interest is basically investment and would like to know if MDA is a good place to start. I will also be interested in Gwadar.
    I live in Atlanta, USA. Please contact me via email or whatsapp 6785233128.

    Zain Kidwai

  2. Waseem Qureshi says:

    Price of each sector
    Development position

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